Override Results: Split Vote

It is disappointing to announce that the override did not pass in both towns. It passed in Westminster and did not pass in Ashburnham.  Despite the outcome, we know members of both communities worked tirelessly to support our children and the AWRSD. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask questions, learn more about the budget process, hang signs, talk with neighbors, friends, and relatives, and vote. The School Committee will be meeting tomorrow, June 21st, to discuss the next steps for our district.

During the past few months it has been wonderful to see community members of both towns communicating, problem solving, and working together.  We hope to continue to listen, learn, and collaborate during the months to come.  Our district will continue to face issues with course offerings, large class sizes, accreditation and access to sports and clubs. We will need to work collectively to make progress and move forward.  SOCS will continue with our efforts to put pressure on the state to adequately fund our school district and hope you will be a part of this effort.

Lori, Natalie, Holly & Tiffany