Override for Schools Only One Week Away

Noon on June 19th is your last chance to submit an application for an absentee ballot to your town hall if you won’t be able to vote on the 20th.

The final push is on! We’ve put out the lawn signs and increased our Facebook posts, but we need your help with the in-person advocacy that is most effective in getting out the vote. Here’s how you can make a difference.

Stand at key locations with a “Vote Yes for Schools” sign the weekend before, the day before, or the day of the vote.

  • Click here to sign up online; look for the tabs at the bottom of your screen to choose a location.
  • You can also email one of us with the dates and times you are available.
  • We have created two “slots” for each location and time—sign up on your own or with a friend.
  • We have some signs available (one printed, a couple more homemade) or you can make your own. Email us if you need a sign.
  • Contact us for more information on the rules about where to stand.

Talk with friends, family and neighbors about when and where to vote, and why they should vote “yes.” Here are a few key talking points on how the override will help:

  • Keeps class sizes small. With no override, 12 elementary school classes will have 29-30 students each next year.
  • Staffs the libraries at our schools. Oakmont’s accreditation is at risk due to the lack of a certified librarian. Libraries at Overlook & WES/MHS schools are no longer staffed.
  • Creates enough course offerings at the high school. 250 students have no academic option for 1/4 of the school day this year.
  • Provides access to freshman basketball, homework club, & many more activities that were cut at the high/middle schools, and keeps user fees from increasing.
  • Funds 2 digital learning coaches & technology upgrades that will prepare students for college & career.

Remember, you can send residents to ashwestsocs.org to calculate the impact the override will have on their estimated property tax bill for next year. The site also includes a more specific list of what the override will fund.

Thanks as always!

Natalie Nelson
Tiffany Davis
Holly Garlock
Lori Leclair