How do I find my home’s assessed value?

The assessed value of your property is different than the market value of your property.

Tax bills are mailed to property owners on a quarterly cycle, and each bill will state the assessed value of your property. The assessed value is then used to calculate your Real Estate Tax:

(Assessed Value ÷ 1000) × Tax Rate = Real Estate Tax

You can find the assessed value on your tax bill: look for the words “Total Value” next to your “Land Value” and “Building Value”.

Alternatively, you can look them up online. You can use one of the following websites to look up your street address, and find your assessed value:


  • Click the “Search” tab
  • Enter your street address, click the search button
  • Click on your property
  • In the popup that appears, click on the “Assessment” tab
  • Look for the value called “Total Assessed Parcel Value”


  • In the “Search alias” field, select “Address”
  • Enter your street address (without the road-type suffix, e.g. leave out “street”, “avenue” etc.), click the search button
  • In the results that appear, look for the value called “TOTAL VALUE”